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"War Path" Official Feature Film Trailer!

"War Path" Official Feature Film Trailer!

It has arrived! The official trailer for "War Path" my long-in-development feature film coming soon! This is an official selection of the Pasadena International Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival, and Action On Film 2019 Festival. Plot: Cast: Gary Nohealii Liz Clare Erik Jorn Sundquist Lissa Keigwinn Michael Uimari Cole Panther Johnny Gilligan Patrick Kaufmann Crew: Written & Directed by Casey de Fremery Executive Producer: James Marlowe Co-Producer: Xavier Gerard Producers: Chloe Tokuno & Jessica Fee Cinematographer: Ferguson Sauve-Rogen 1st AC: Tyler Manzo Gaffer: Daniel Kautz Sound: Church Tam Costume Designer: Valerie Emmi Script Supervisor: Mary Wieczorek Composer: Nick Depinna Sound Designer: William Storkson Editor: Casey de Fremery This movie has its origins from back in 2012, when I directed a music video for a contest sponsored by Linkin Park. I went full-bore into making a faux action movie set to the song and while it didn't win, it arguably jumpstarted my career. Not willing to let the idea go, I expanded on the central story of the video (killer's wife is kidnapped, goes on a rampage to get her back) and expanded it into a crime drama that went further than I thought it would. PASADENA INT'L FILM FESTIVAL Sunday March 17, 8:35pm Laemmle Playhouse 7 Theater Tickets: Day Pass (recommended if coming from out of town) Individual screening block: GOLDEN STATE FILM FESTIVAL at the TCL CHINESE THEATER in Hollywood!! Wednesday March 27th at 9:30pm Click on "Tickets' then either buy the day pass for March 27th (recommended) or the individual screening at the very bottom of the list
"War Path" feature film Kickstarter pitch video!
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